Revitalisation of 18

After testing the X70 and in the process completely falling in love with the wider field of view that the 28mm eq presents, I thought I would grab my old XF18mm f/2 from the cupboard and give it a renaissance run.

I always liked the XF18mm f/2. Mostly because of the focusing speed. Being one of the original 3 lenses designed for the X series, it was by far the fast focusing of that original triplet. But even after the introduction of newer, faster XF lenses it still remains among the fastest.

Image quality of this lens has always been criticised. Indeed it is the lowest corner resolution lens within the XF eco system, but center sharpness is good. For some X-series users this fact renders the lens pretty much useless for their type of photography. For street usage where critical corner sharpness isn’t always the important thing, its a very great lens. It’s small and fast. Two features that clearly outweigh the loss of resolution near the corners.  When all this is said its still a very sharp lens! All XF lenses are!


On the X-Pro2 the 18mm f/2 receive an even faster AF. I was really surprised by this. Its now super precise and super-fast. No hunting, no nothing. The added resolution of the X-Pro2 also seem to do something good for the lens performance. Images turn out much clearer and the colors actually seem a bit more vibrant (although my current state of mind makes me crush all the vibrancy in post! 😛 )

So this is just me sharing some street shots I took during the last couple of weeks with the X-Pro2 and the XF 18mm f/2. Is this combination better than the X70? to be honest, no. The new lens/camera combo in the X70 is superb! The lens in the X70 is only beat by the XF90mm in terms of overall sharpness and IQ. Which in itself is incredible.
But if you already own the XF18mm f/2 and plan on buying the X-Pro2. Rest assured.

The combination is rock solid!

All images shot on a pre-production X-Pro2 and the XF18mm f/2



  1. Must admit, I’m quite fond of the 18mm. I like the size and light weight especially when coupled with my X-Pro1. Fuji must have forgot to send me an X-Pro2 to test:) but it sounds like a special camera. Love your street photography and the light/shade, great work.

  2. I love the contrast in your pictures and how the presence of strong light and dark makeside the composition stand out!

  3. Very nice, some real beautiful richness with the colours there, love it when you use though framing shadows too. I’m so happy to hear that the 18mm still has it with the larger sensor. Funny thing, but though I love my 35mm f/1. 4 & 56mm f/1.2, that lil’l 18mm is still my fave lens. It’s just how I see the world, it has a really nice pop too. I’ll definitely be sticking with it when I finally get my X-Pro2, it’s such an under-rated gem. Though a slightly updated weather sealed version would be super nice, Fuji!

  4. Really love your images!! Have my X70 coming in 3 days and am excited to shoot with this field of view. It’s a bit out of my normal comfort zone but I am excited for the challenge. Your images are always great inspiration!

  5. Superb work. I’d love to know how you get those amazing colours. Looks a bit like CChrome with +2 on the colours. Anyway, yes, I love my 18mm too – it lives on my X-Pro 1.

    1. Thank you. You’re actually not that far off. In lightroom its based off Classic Chrome, and then added some vibrancy and shadow punch. 😀

  6. Nice review and photos Jonas! I intended to buy XPro2, but I changed my mind after reading that 16mm lens and OVF are not the best combination (thx). Now I need to think about it again, as 18mm is so light.. FujifilmCZ told me recently, that they can not have more ambassadors for one photography area wrrrrr ;-((

  7. Got the 18mm f2 only a month ago for my X-T1 after trying to decide between 14, 18, 16, 23. Despite the image quality, which really is quite good, i went for the 18.
    I wanted a wider angle and still have a lightweight lens. I almost prefer it to the 35 1.4.

  8. I could comment in every post you have put up. Great work with the entire Fuji series … Love coming here for great inspiration and an occasional piece of humble pie.

  9. My two X Pro 2 arrived yesterday to replace my XT1s. Love them but they are heavier than I expected. Tempted to replace my heavy 16mm F1.4 with the 18mm as I’m loving the size weight and quality of the 35mm F2. Even my 23mm feels front heavy on the X Pro 2. Love your shots with the 18mm which has prompted my move for the 18mm!

  10. Thanks for your insight into the 18mm & x-pro2 combo.

    I was debating whether I wanted to keep my 18mm or go a little wider with the 16mm or just go wider all together with the 14mm.

    After receive my x-pro2 and trying out my lenses, including the 18, on it, I was also surprised just how much faster and responsive it was. It was a completely new lens… I dare say it’s even faster than one of the newest lenses, the 35mm f2. It revitalized my interest in the 18 and decided to keep it. It’s just a very useful and flexible focal length, especially when I find my self in enough tightly spaced situations.

    I hear so much good things about the 16mm, but I wasn’t sure if the difference between 16 & 18 was that much to justify the heftier price.. field of view, not that different from what I’ve seen.. but, the optical quality and close focus is pretty impressive. I’m still on the fence with the 16mm

    14mm I can see I’d really like to add to the kit just for the more dramatic perspective.

  11. Jonas, stærkt foto arbejde som altid. Hvis jeg må komme med en anbefaling, så tror jeg et review der sammenligner 18mm’teren og en WCL-100 til x100. Jeg ved ikke med i Danmark, men her i USA er der ca. $150-200 forskel på de to så for “os” der er på et stramt budget, har jeg selv svært ved at finde ud af hvilken retning jeg skal gå… Anyways, det bare ide.
    Fortsæt det gode arbejde!

  12. I have been a great fan of the small 18mm since the beginning of the X system!
    I really believe that the 18mm wasn’t designed for any landscape or architectural photography matter. I believe it was done for street photography and reportage. In these matters it rocks!!
    I had huge satisfactions by the 18mm using it on the XPro1, on the XE2 and on the XT1. Now, on the XPro2 it became even better, faster and just perfect for any photography field in which the center of your photo is what really matters!!

  13. I’ve started to use the 18–55 for only for the 18mm f/2.8 focal length, and so I wonder if it would be simpler to just have the 18mm (I’ve got other primes that cover the other lengths). Have you heard much about the quality between the two of those?

  14. Jonas if you were to pick between an X70 and an XF18mm f/2 mounted on either an X-T1 or X-Pro1 which one would you pick and why?

  15. I love the XF 18/2, and I am humbled by your photos. Wonderful inspiration, thanks!

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