You hear it all the time.

Of course one must know ones essentials. The rules, the guidelines, the ……. yuck! – Whats the point? – If you’re “A Pro” you need to serve a client of some sorts to make ends meet and pay rent. Thats when you need to be confined to the rules of the game. But when you’re not “the Pro” – Go do whatever you want. Why trust that your neighbour knows how an image should be conceived and processed? Just do what YOU want to do. Make what YOU want to make.

Explore yourself. Explore your creative vision. Express yourself.

Don’t turn into that machine. Don’t forget that you were once a child who lived to explore, to learn, to have fun. Always trying your hardest to do the exact opposite of what guiding figures wanted you to. Just because you you could.

Street shots using the Fujifilm X70