You hear it all the time.

Of course one must know ones essentials. The rules, the guidelines, the ……. yuck! – Whats the point? – If you’re “A Pro” you need to serve a client of some sorts to make ends meet and pay rent. Thats when you need to be confined to the rules of the game. But when you’re not “the Pro” – Go do whatever you want. Why trust that your neighbour knows how an image should be conceived and processed? Just do what YOU want to do. Make what YOU want to make.

Explore yourself. Explore your creative vision. Express yourself.

Don’t turn into that machine. Don’t forget that you were once a child who lived to explore, to learn, to have fun. Always trying your hardest to do the exact opposite of what guiding figures wanted you to. Just because you you could.

Street shots using the Fujifilm X70



  1. I’m loving the X70 which I first read about here. Great images and thanks for the recommendation, it’s one of the finest cameras I’ve used in years.

      1. One thing that happens with cameras and other “personal” tools is we compare new ones to old beloved ones and this is both good and bad. It’s useful to have standards but sometimes they can get in the way of seeing what’s great about a new tool. For me, the Ricoh GR is an old friend and it’s ergonomics work so well for me it’s tough to accept anything else, but the X70 can easily fall into the background once you have it set up to your liking and that’s my standard of good usability. The last thing I want to do while taking pictures in winter with thin gloves on is struggle to remember how to change a setting. Thanks again.

  2. Great post, great photos!! I’m running out of new things to say!! Your photos are always inspiring!!

  3. Awesome words. Awesome shots. I have an X70 too and its an amazing little beast.

    1. Great stuff! – I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.

      The photo of the lady is made using the small built in flash of the X70. ISO3200, f/16 and shutter 1/2000s.
      That makes her stand out a lot. It’s a Classic chrome jpeg where the only thing I did was boost saturation and contrast in Lightroom 🙂

  4. That third shot is truly a classic. It’s like that guy walked out of the picture and he’s on to you for capturing it. Hilarious shot.

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