Tidbits of 23 – and a countdown

Still not a review.

I’m gearing up. Getting ready for Photokina 2016 where I will be speaking at the Fujifilm Live Stage. I will be speaking about my photography. How I see the world. Not really street, not really lifestyle. Just in between. The importance of wearing your camera. That sort of thing.

I’m nervous, exited and everything in between. I look forward to meeting a lot of photographers in person that I’ve so far only built an online relationship with.

If you’re nearby. Feel free to come by. Schedule can be found below.


The 23mm f/2 WR is still treating me very well! – It’s stuck to my X-Pro2 and XT2. It’s a perfect lens for me. What has struck me most about it these past two weeks is the autofocus speed. It’s in a league of its own. Perfect for my style of photography. My kids can no longer outrun my cameras 😛 I’m headed to Greece today and I will be giving it a run-through down there as well 🙂

Take care, and I’ll hopefully get to see some of you at Photokina 2016.

X-Pr02 – X-T2 and the XF23mm f/2 WR


6 thoughts on “Tidbits of 23 – and a countdown

  1. Jonas…just be honest and speak from the heart…let your voice describe what you feel with your eyes…then we will see.

    Good luck. M

  2. Jonas your work is beautiful, subtle and inspiring. Your words on the XF23/2 exciting and promising. Good luck at Photokina! I hope your presentation gets recorded and YouTube-ed for those of us who cannot attend.

  3. Great , inspiring images again Jonas! What seems to be the nearest focusing distance of this new 23 f2 WR? The otherwise stellar 35 f2 WR was a slight disappointment for me in that sense. Cheers!

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