The week leading up to Photokina back in september I had a family vacation to Rhodes, Greece. A typical family hangout with plenty of food, drinks and cosy times by the pool. It was a much needed break from everything I had going on.

At the time I had yet to experience the Photokina spectacle, so I was still in preparation mode for my speeches. But Rhodes and family time magically pushed all that into the background. At Photokina David Hobby talked about combining your family vacation with photography. The man is an encyclopaedia of photographic knowledge, but this personal advice-driven speech really hit a home run with me.


“When you travel with your family, you are NOT the next national geographic photographer. You’re NOT on the job. It’s vacation time. Honor it.” – D. Hobby.

It’s easy for us photographers and enthusiasts to get completely lost in our own little hunt for the perfect moment. I know for sure that I get lost in that pursuit daily. But I’ve taken Hobbys talk to heart, and I will try to do things a little differently going forward.

Now. Rhodes was amazing. It really was. The light in Greece is just phenomenal. It’s very warm, so when you hit the right tones, the cyan water really keeps its cool hues while the surrounding cliffs and landscapes are perfectly brown/yellow’ish. It’s certainly something else than the cool tones that exists in the nordic countries.


I wanted to do two things. I wanted to do some street/travel photography with the old cities of Rhodos and Lindos as a theatre, and I wanted to do some landscape/family stuff.

I also took it as an opportunity to further test the XF23mm f/2. After using this lens everyday since I got a prototype back in late august I can say with absolute certainty that this is THE lens for me. Combined with the 35mm f/2 on a second body, I have the perfect setup. I know II’m playing the Repeater-game her, but the 23mm f/2 is SO SO fast at focusing. That, combined with the small formfactor is all I’ll ever need. – IQ from the Fujinons has become a given. It’s amazing!

Weather was perfect – Gear was perfect. It really was a perfect week.




  1. Wow Jonas!!
    I am still amazed by how you can make “everyday” scenes and people look so stunning. I am NOT saying that Rhodes is an “everyday” scene, but even your shots from back home are stunning – I hope you know what I mean 🤓. I now got the 23mm f2 myself, and I see what you mean – not that my pics are anywhere near yours 😩

  2. Yhm… sorry. I can not see the “touch of Fuji” (or “touch of Jonas”) in this series. Sorry 🙁 Or this is the style of pictures you use, or this is just my feelings but the general look of the Rhodos set is completely different then other pictures you have published for last half a year. Not sure why still. Any new plugin, new post-process?

    1. Agree completely. Nice processing but compositionally weak. The dark shadowy look also seems overused to questionable effect.

  3. I have spent a lot of time in Rhodes over the years. I never fail to get some great candid shots when I’m there. It is probably one of my favourite places in the world, although it was much better prior to the Greeks joining the EU. The EU ha turned many a once interesting place to visit into a ‘same as’ home location. However, if you look hard enough there is still some great stuff to be found.

    My favourite haunt in Rhodes is the Old Town and quite a few street images have been used for my latest eBook – due out soon I hope. Anyway, I hope you had a great time. We stayed at Ixia as usual, so very near the main Town of Rhodes.

  4. Hi Jonas,

    Simply beautiful.

    I’m now an XT2 owner (in no small part thanks to your blog – wife hugely unimpressed 😉 and I was wondering if you could share something? When I zoom in at 100% on my Fuji files in LR the rendering looks really blurry/smudged. After reading up on the quirks of the X-Trans sensor in some RAW editors I’ve come to the conclusion that less is certainly more when it comes to edge sharpening my files. I have read many different opinions from X-Photographers and techniques shared etc but none have yet to really hit the mark for my own edits/sharpening technique.

    Would you like to share your post-processing workflow with us? I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one who would greatly appreciate tips from a Fuji X master 😉

    I would dearly love to switch from my full frame Nikon setup but the processing of the Fuji files remains a bit of a mystery/turn off if I’m being honest (which I’m certain I am).

    Any advice would be warmly welcomed like a mohair wearing puppy bringing you hot chocolate most Autumn mornings and every Winter evening.



  5. Outstanding. So many wonderful shots – I particularly like the first two. I think that’s your daughter? Anyway, wonderful portrait and it seems like her instincts are spot-on. The first photo – wow, you had me at the tones of the brown alone. Fantastic. Did this guy pose or did you steal the shot?

  6. Jonas, you’re a Mythos !! 🙂
    Next time you should make a long trip to Peloponnese and some Aegean islands (Milos, Ikaria, Patmos, Tinos, etc) and explore the greek hard light and our “filoxenia” . As always you have the eye, the skills and the right tools (Fuji, but first your heart) to make it sing.
    cheers from Athens, Greece

      1. Understand completely; glad to hear it’s not being neglected! At this point, mine may be the most often used camera I have. As usual, great photos. I hope to go there someday. Will have to settle for New Orleans next week instead.


  7. Very nice posting. Love the tone, colour, and the scene as well. Hopefully, I have a chance to visit Rhodes someday.
    Thanks for reviewing the Fujinon 23 mm f/2.0. This article convince me to choose this lens as my prime lens, since I’m considering between this lens with the 35 mm f/2.0

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