Kölner report

I promised you.

I promised to show. But promises are just so easily broken, aren’t they?

I think I needed to sit on it for a while. Soak it all in. Just process it. Let it resonate, and then pick it back up. Maybe I wasn’t too happy with the outcome, or maybe I should just stop being such a whiny little dog.

Just push content. But push it through the RIGHT channels. The independent channels. The channels that do not conform to seclusion of my own goddamn illusion of life.

This is only a fraction of my images from Cologne trip back in september. But this is my choice. These are the images that resonates in my mind. Bring back memories of a time where I was overwhelmed, honoured, humbled and very happy. I met wonderful people. I made good friendships with incredible people. I talked, I drank, I laughed. It was a great week.

This is my Kölner report. Part eins

X-Pro2 // X-T2 // XF23mmf2 // XF35mmf2 // X70



  1. I’m not in the habit of posting comments, but in this case, I congratulate you Sir on a remarkable set of images. An inspiration to us all.

  2. Very nice as always. I missed that I was waiting for these, but now that they are here, I should have anticipated them more. 🙂

    IMO the umlaut has it. The detail in the detail. Perhaps an occupational hazard, but a vision that we here obviously enjoy.


  3. hi Jonas, number 6 , the blue one with the delicate orange accent :-)top….! And of course numner 10, great b&w, and a very sharp eye. Which ones did you take with the 23mm 2.0mm? Got the 16mm, considering to buy the 23mm for my XT1 (probably 2017 XT2)

  4. Is that Palle on number 6? Great shots. I missed seing your work. Honestly.
    I’m a physician as well (form Argentina) and im about to buy my first fujifilm in an incoming trip to NY (X-pro2) so i feel a little identified with you ; )

    Hope you keep posting great pics (and enjoying)

  5. Real good stuff! That last one is straight Alex Webb. Really inspiring work. Having just purchased an X-Pro2, I’m experimenting with different color settings. Do you tweak colors mostly in post, or do you start with a specific film preset or other settings in camera?

  6. Hello Jonas,

    Stuning pictures, as always.

    I have just watched with great interest and enjoyement one of your presentations on street photography, X-Pro2, X-T2 and the use of vintage lenses.

    I am looking from a long time and I am almost convinced to get a X-Pro2 to replace my X-E2 that I use beside an X-T1. Actually, even if the XT1 is a remarkable camera with a gorgeous viewfinder, I still prefer the viewfinder located on the upper left corner.

    But there is point which could be a potential issue for me with the Pro2: the eyepoint of 16mm. The eyepoint of both the E2 and the T1 are 23mm. I am wearing glasses and this is ok for me, but I am wondering if 16mm would suit my sight. For a few minutes, I have had the opportunity to try the x-Pro2, and it looked to be ok, but this is by far too short a time to make sure I would adapt myself to that eyepoint
    I understand this is a very personal issue, but since you also wear glasses and have used the X-Pro2 extensively, could you let me know if that short eyepoint have ever caused any problem to you?

    Thanks and regards


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