Graphite Brigade

The two top cameras in the Fujifilm X-series line just got a nice new paint job!

This also marks the first “silver” X-Pro camera. Not really silver though. More like a really dark titanium/steel/graphite kind of color. What Fujifilm apparently did was add some more black to the very top coating of the camera making it a darker, bolder finish.

The X-Pro2 Graphite comes bundled with a new 23mm f/2 and Lens hood in the same coating, making one hell of an everyday kit.


The X-T1 saw its graphite silver edition a couple of years back, and the X-T2 now has the same finish. The cameras themselves are identical to their black coated counterparts, so this is all a matter of look and feel.


I was again commissioned by Fujifilm to do promotional packshots of the cameras, so I did spend a lot of time looking at the particular finish of these two cameras. And let me be the first to tell you that they look absolutely fantastic!

The multilayered coating really shows, and has a great depth to it. The X-Pro2 Graphite finish is very, very sleek.

I know that this is only looks, and it has nothing to do with image quality and/or functionality, but I’m a strong advocate for shooting with gear that you feel an attachment to since I believe it shows in the final images.

So if Graphite is your thing, go for it!





  1. Nice shots, and I totally believe photos don’t do the graphite and graphite silver paints justice.. although, yours are about as nice as i’ve seen so far and show them off quite nicely.. still, not quite the same effect as seeing in person.

    I’ve been wanting an alternative color for the x-pro2 for so long.. I was so sure they’d put at least a silver (or graphite silver) version out when the black was released last march 2016.. just because the new (at the time) 35mm f/2 came in both colors and I knew they made that specifically for the x-pro2 in mind..

    well, finally, we get another x-pro2 color.. not graphite silver or silver, but a darker graphite color.. it’s like charcoal metallic or to me, more like what I consider gunmetal in color.. really like it.. always wanted a grey(ish) top x-pro2.. i was a fan of the Leica M-E with it’s “anthracite” gray color (although, it’s looks straight up like German Panzer Grey to me, no anthracite.. but anyways..)..

    the dilema.. i already have an x-pro2 in black as well as a 23mm f/2 in black.. I know at best price to sell both, I’d probably ring in $1900 at most if I’m lucky. That still requires me to fork at least another $400 just for this graphite x-pro2 kit.. i can’t deny making rash and impulsive buys based on feeling and simply what I really like has happened on many occassions.. is it worth it this time?

    The all black version I’m currently using is stealthy and more subtle and overall very’s basically all black… the graphite is just light enough to stand out, but not too much and able to keep a low key look which I like.

    BUT, overall, will it look too mixed matched in blocks of colors?.. there will be graphite, and black and I also have a silver 35mm f/2 (which I think could look pretty good against this graphite x-pro2), but my mhg-xpro2 grip and ef-x20 flash are black.. do yo usee the potential mix of colors here which might make the overall look of the graphite x-pro2 a bit busy or to patchy in blocks of mixed colors?.. something for me to work out in photoshop and try to see before hand.. the way I’m overthinking this, rationality will probably go out the window and I’ll end up with this graphite x-pro2, lol.

    anyways.. I’m rambling.. great product shots! thanks!

  2. Nice review.
    it is a shame that Fuji decided to issue a different alternative color to the XT2 since most lenses either come in black or silver. Now we have graphite and only one lense to match.

  3. The graphite X-pro2 looks amazing. Since they only have 1 lens in the graphite finish, how did it look with a black lens attached? Did it look good or did it look mismatched?

  4. I bought the X-Pro2 graphite and love it. I wish they woudl offer some more matching lenses. The 50mm F2 woudl be nice.

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