Graphite Brigade

The two top cameras in the Fujifilm X-series line just got a nice new paint job!

This also marks the first “silver” X-Pro camera. Not really silver though. More like a really dark titanium/steel/graphite kind of color. What Fujifilm apparently did was add some more black to the very top coating of the camera making it a darker, bolder finish.

The X-Pro2 Graphite comes bundled with a new 23mm f/2 and Lens hood in the same coating, making one hell of an everyday kit.


The X-T1 saw its graphite silver edition a couple of years back, and the X-T2 now has the same finish. The cameras themselves are identical to their black coated counterparts, so this is all a matter of look and feel.


I was again commissioned by Fujifilm to do promotional packshots of the cameras, so I did spend a lot of time looking at the particular finish of these two cameras. And let me be the first to tell you that they look absolutely fantastic!

The multilayered coating really shows, and has a great depth to it. The X-Pro2 Graphite finish is very, very sleek.

I know that this is only looks, and it has nothing to do with image quality and/or functionality, but I’m a strong advocate for shooting with gear that you feel an attachment to since I believe it shows in the final images.

So if Graphite is your thing, go for it!