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DSCF3833.jpgSo, it’s been some days since Fujifilm dropped a lot of gear on us. Just like most of 2016, I was right in the middle of the storm. Fujifilm UK asked me to run an X100F presentation workshop for journalists on the 19th, right after the official unveiling. As if that wasn’t enough, I had done reviews as usual. But not just for the X100F , also for the GFX50s and the XF50mm f/2. So I had some stuff to attend to last thursday, to put it mildly!

The hit numbers of the blog has been, and still are, incredible. I have read everyone of your kind comments! I just haven’t had the time to answer them. I will do so over the coming days! – I’m so grateful for all of your support for this site. So THANK YOU!


Now, I did something when travelling to London. Something that Kevin Mullins inspired me to do when I met him at Photokina back in 2016. He had taken an extra couple of days off so he could explore Cologne. – And this is exactly what I did when I travelled to London. I arrived a day early, and left a day late. – Both days planned as just being about me and my camera. Out exploring the city.

And what better camera to do this with, than the X100F.

I wrote about a lot of things in my review here. A lot of different uses of the camera. But for me, the X100F screams for time on the streets. – It is without a single doubt in my mind the best camera out there for streetphotography. All the setbacks of the older models are gone and you are left with a lean and fast image taking device, that will get you the shot!
So what better place to test this out further than on the streets of London!

Since I had two days of perfect winter low-hanging sun, the images I wanted to create was those of harsh shadow and contrasting lines of light. I didn’t go on a big story hunt. Neither did I look to much for super-funky characters. I simply went for the light.

The operation of the X100F is so intuitive it hurts. You can dial in all your parameters of shooting right from the topplate and lens. – You can easily view exposure in the EVF, and switch on the OVF for rangefinder frame lines. You have some of the best monochrome files from camera due to the Acros film simulation. And for the nice muted urban tones you have Classic Chrome. If you’re into street, this is your camera!

X100F – 1/500s – f/11 – ISO400

Now, some of you will disagree with that statement, and tell me that Leica is where the party’s at. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be. I have 3 of them myself. They’re not as capable as the Fujifilm X100F in my book. There. I said it. Shame on me!

Now. Enough with the talking. Here are some of my street photos taken with the X100F in London last week.



  1. ahhhh, you’re killing it as usual sir. Cannot wait for the pre-orders to start rolling out.

    At one point you mentioned that you were switching to JPEG and simply editing those files rather than dealing with the raw files or was that just for the ACROS shots? Maybe I misunderstood.

    I would love to peek at your film profile settings one day. Your Classic Chrome shots are really nice. I find mine to be inconsistent especially if there is skin tones involved.

    On a side note: You ever thought of selling lightroom presets? I am sure you would do very well. Of course, I know that takes some of the magic out of it if you produce nothing but photo clones of yourself out there. haha. As someone that is super amateur at Lightroom I appreciate when guys like you or Mr. Mullins share insights as to how they tweak things behind the curtain. I simply don’t find the desire, patience and time to spend hours sitting at a computer screen editing files (perhaps because I use a computer all day at work?). Luckily Fuji Jpegs are the magic that they are because 95% of the time I use them as is with a simple crop or mild contrast bump. One day I would like to take it to the next level though perhaps… haha, apologies for my stream of consciousness here. 🙂

    Thanks for your words, images and inspiration.

  2. So much to love here. Super inspiring! I’m lucky enough to be going on a test session thing with Kevin Mullins next week. SO excited to use the X100F and see if I think it’s worth upgrading my X100T later this year! Part of me hopes I won’t think the upgrade is worth it as I’ve only had the T for a year but I very much suspect I will fall in love with the F and want to upgrade!

  3. hi Jonas,

    great serie, oh what an awful lot of fun you must have had in that gorgeous city: shooting, reviewing the shots and posting them!!
    I wonder, will you review or work with the XT20 the coming period? Do you have thoughts about that one too?
    Was considering buying the XT2, but than this one appeared…

  4. Jonas, you are very gifted and talented as few. Love your work!

    Bedste hilsner

    Peter Kamp Knudsen fotograf & produktionsleder DJ, PF & DFF, Danmarks Film Akademi Niels Bjerres Vej 18 8270 Højbjerg 0045-29660225

    2017-01-24 21:38 GMT+01:00 jonasrask|photography :

    > jr050680 posted: “So, it’s been some days since Fujifilm dropped a lot of > gear on us. Just like most of 2016, I was right in the middle of the storm. > Fujifilm UK asked me to run an X100F presentation workshop for journalists > on the 19th, right after the official unveiling.” >

  5. I really enjoyed this collection of photos. I bought an X100T about 18 months ago thinking I’d use it from time to time for street and travel, and now I use it 99% of the time. Great camera! Thanks for the review of the new model.

  6. It is as I told you on Scandinavian Foto in Malmö last fall, it alway with so much of joy and tru happynes to read your blog. Even if you are an X Photographer there is a clear feeling of your onesty. Tanx a lot for tje help with the setings on my X100S as well.
    I will sent you some example on Instagram.

  7. when there’s color, it’s vibrant. when there’s black and white, it’s crisp. Lovely photos! do you have any advice for capturing street photography and shooting photos of strangers?? (asking for a friend) 🙂

  8. Hey Jonas, amazing pictures as always!
    Just a quick question, sorry if you already addressed it elsewhere: Will you do a review/post about the X-T20? I know the similarities to the X-T2 are quite big, but would like to read your thoughts about it.

  9. Hi Jonas, Just discovered your site and work and very good they are too. I’m looking forward to trying out this camera as soon as I can get my hands on one.

  10. Hi Jonas,

    Not sure if this was already asked. But would there be a discomfort shooting X100F with your glasses on? I mean, specially when you’re using OVF, can you see all the details including the ones outside the framelines? It would be a deal breaker for me in case, because if I would like to use OVF, I hope I can still see the scenes hapening outside the frame lines even if I’m wearing my eyeglasses. I see on your picture that you are wearing eyeglasses too, but I’m not sure if that is the case when you are shooting.

    Hope to hear from you soon. By the way, always great shots! Thank you! 🙂

    – David

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