Many things happen around us. At all times, life happens. I have had some extremely busy weeks lately. Months even. Buying into my own clinic and finally settling as a G.P. has been one of those life-changing events in line with getting married or having children. On top of that, the Fujifilm phenomenon has entered my life with full force. I have many obligations in my photographic existence, which is becoming a much more integral part of my identity than I ever imagined it would be.

Sometimes life will hold your hand, and guide you. It will take you wherever it sees fit. I suspect some people call this fate or kismet. But I am a firm believer in creating your own path. Sometimes you must pull contra on life, and redefine where you’re going. Where YOU want to go. Often I need to pull! And I probably need to pull more than I do!


There’s no better sense of direction for me than when I get to spend time with my family. These human beings that I hold so dear, always show me what’s right and what’s wrong. Not in words, but in actions. I get what I give. I catch what I throw.

I have been very absent. Not in appearance, but in presence. And I have taken control. I have tried to steer the ship in a slightly different direction. I have started pulling away from things that did nothing but give a quick fix. – I started dwelling in the here and now. – Being present. Being available. Being a good father. Being a good husband. Being a good doctor and being a good photographer.


We spent the weekend at a summerhouse just an hour from where we live. Mols national park. – Its beauty has to be seen to be believed. Here, we could relax. Be ourselves. Be together. It was one of those weekends where your heart rate slows by 20 bpm. You sense things. The good things. You ignore other things. The unimportant things.

This was indeed a much needed weekend of Solace.

All images taken with the prototype X100F dscf4097dscf4094dscf4092dscf4022dscf4088dscf4086dscf4081dscf4076dscf4071dscf4069dscf4063dscf4062dscf4057dscf4045dscf4040dscf3999dscf4034dscf4031dscf4029dscf4026dscf4024dscf4039dscf4018dscf4010dscf4001dscf3994dscf3991