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As I wrote in my last blogpost here, I have been insanely busy since, well, since march 2016. Since the launch of the X100F, GFX, XT20 et al, things have been nice and cozy. That also means time for retrospective editing, and publishing. So I thought I would just make a small post about that.

I post a lot on my instagram account, so I do get the distinct feeling of pushing content often. But that also means that the blog really isn’t seeing as many posts as I would want. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it is what it is. – I always had this thought that the two would complement each other, so that IG would be about fast pushed individual picture content, whereas this space would be about stories and series.

A thing I didn’t have time to put up on the blog was my small speech at Scandinavian Photo in Malmö, Sweden back in december. I was invited to talk about my street photography, and I also talked about using vintage lenses on the mirrorless platform.

Mr. Palle Schultz filmed it all, and if you have an hour to spare, and havn’t yet watched it, you can find it embedded here:

Filmed and edited by Palle Schultz –

Now, I have posted mainly pictures from X100F and GFX50s the last 3 weeks. But I have used a lot of different tools as I usually do. So I thought I would just do a small stir pot of mixed street photography. EXIF is embedded in all the files.

Oh and btw, nominated me for their “2017 most influential street photographers” list. How completely absurd and surreal is that? I’m pretty flattered to be in the company of that list.
So if you like my stuff go vote HERE

And with that I want to wish you all a great weekend.

Mixed martial (photo)arts


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  1. Hi Jonas,

    It’s always a pleasure reading your articles (and browsing through your pics). Especially since your not a ‘professional’ photographer. Means there’s still hope for people like me. 🙂
    Keep up the great work, and nice video btw.


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