When the journey is the purpose


Here we are. Once again.

I have tons of stuff I feel I need to blog about. Lenses, philosophies. Images, technical reviews. But here we are. Again.

I always seem to avoid the things that truly beg for any attention. I get preoccupied with redirecting my consciousness to where it just floats. With no direction. No purpose.

This is why photography is my getaway. Its my journey. It’s my place of peace.


Shot using a pre-production Fujifilm X100F – Edited using Capture One 10



  1. Jonas,

    You put is so well. Following a strict plan, having an agenda or purpose very often leads to…the same – and that’s the worse it can happen to a photographer.

    I often just wonder around without any plan or purpose. This allows me to take a deep photographic breath and take risks otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take. Only then I can look at the world around me with fresh eyes.

    Keep floating* my friend. It works!


    *Of course with one exception 🙂

  2. Hi Jonas,

    I really like your site and your work. Very inspiring! I’m also a medic and a photographer. I’d be keen to get in touch to discuss how to take my photography further. Do you do this sort of thing?

    Best wishes


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