The conundrum of my photographic identity

It’s very upbeat and in-time to write about your personal issues correlated to your art form. I’ve read so many of these posts from various artists that I get quite suspicious as to the reasoning behind said posts. I always suspected alterior, sales-oriented motifs. That is until I started writing them myself. I could suddenly see the benefits in using my blog as a venting platform for my frustrations and my joy. I don’t do it often (I think!) because I don’t want to be the whining Dane. My life is great. I have no real issues. I never really had.
My childhood was good. So was my youth. I studied medicine. Went on to become a father and a doctor. On top of that I get to conceive and convey my art to thousands of people worldwide.

So why do I need to vent? Yet again!


Let me take you back a month or two. I had just finished doing promotional pack shots for Fujifilm, I had field-tested and written lengthy blogposts on 3 new Fujifilm products all at once. The response was overwhelming. The amount of traffic to this site was off the charts. I was at the launch event in London, and I returned home to continue the whole Instagram promotional thing. Everything was good. But for what had I done this? Or more importantly, who?

It used to be for me. I used to just do my thing, with not much thought to it.

Photograph – Be inspired – publish – interact – enjoy!

But this time around, it suddenly felt like it was all about something else. All of a sudden, I was thinking numbers, visibility, likes……. and honestly. I f***ing HATED it. The thing that I used to love. The thing that used to drive me creatively and inspirationally suddenly had become diminished to and by social media marketing propaganda bullshit!

And this feeling spread. It made me open my eyes a little wider, and it made me see beyond my usual little pond. It made me question the motifs of some of those around me in the photographic community. I soon found out that there are a lot of rotten eggs in the basket. I started feeling like a goddamn poster. And you know what that does to you? – Let me tell you. It makes you feel like shit!
So I started something that I hope will save me from myself. I started a journey inward. I started a cleansing process that eliminates everything that does not give me joy. And I’m going at it with as much sincerity and consequence as I can muster!

Will I stop doing reviews? No way! Because I love doing them. But I will probably do things a little different. We’ll see. As long as I’m in it for me!

Will I skip my social media involvement? – To an extent. And I already have. I was a member of no less than 109 Facebook groups regarding photography. Most of it about Fujifilm. I quit them all. There are some amazing people in a lot of them, and it has nothing to do with them. It was all about resetting.
As for Instagram, I like posting stuff there. It’s a scaled down photo-diary for me. I love it, so I’ll continue on that platform.

Other than that I’ll keep this blog alive, by returning to what drove me to start it. My passion. Thank you for visiting and hanging around so far. Have some patience while I get this thing back on the track that feels right to me.