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I read an article the other day. It was by someone, who once again, tried to force his own definition of “good street photography” over the gullible masses. Or, thats really not what he did. He didn’t construct his vision of good street photography, he basically just wrote what he thought was shitty street photography.

I have one sentence in response to that article: Stop letting people define what is good street photography. 

Some advice from me, without me bitching about what I think is good or bad street photography. Go do your thing, and enjoy the hell out of it! Be your own curator once this is done. Do your best. That’s all you can ever do.

Here’s a collection of bad street photography from today.

Leica M240 – 35mm summicron – 50mm summicron



  1. “Here’s a collection of bad street photography from today.” absolutely classic. Laughing out loud.

    It really is pretty terrible to be honest though. ;-p

  2. Jeez, Jonas, how can you post that c&#p! 😜
    No seriously, none but yourself can judge what is good or bad photography (of any kind)! – If YOU like it, then it’s good.
    For inspiration try listening to Valerie Jardins “Hit the streets” podcast #22 interview with David Carol. Very interesting.

  3. OMG, some bad street photography — and with a Leica. I mean, doesn’t the EU have rules about this sort of thing?

  4. I really loved these photos and I really appreciate this post. I personally love my own work, and I have so much fun shooting – but sometimes I read articles or see photos that makes me question everything that I’m doing. This post is refreshing to see and helps me remember what’s really important – to enjoy what you’re doing.

    Thank you.

  5. There are as many answers to what is good street photography as there are street photographers. Firstly I believe we should take pictures that we are happy with. If others like them too, great. If they don’t, why should it matter? I don’t know any street photographer that sees an opportunity in the same way as anyone else. That’s why street photography is the sport of individuals. My advice to anyone taking up the craft is to do your own thing and don’t worry what others think about it. If you get a following that’s good too but it isn’t important.

  6. Hey Jonas,

    I read the same article. I totally agree with you, go out and do what you like and enjoy. I someone says what’s shit in streetphotography without offering his own work, he’s just out for clicks and promoting his own work.

  7. I think the main thing is that you get a certain reaction about your photos, if you get no reaction at all, then you should think what you’re doing wrong… peace

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