Swiss Wallpapers

I have recently been on a trip to Luzern, Switzerland to do recordings for the upcoming FUJILOVE 99 video course. – Much more about this in a later post.  The last time I visited Switzerland was around 30 years ago, so it was about time!

The place was beyond what my words are capable of explaining. Let’s just say, I used all my sparetime in between shoots with a camera in my hand.

I did some wallpaper sized landscape images that I thought people might enjoy, so here they are. Neatly packed and ready for use.

Complete pack HERE

or as

Individual full size images HERE

I have a lot of images I would like to share from the trip, but I’ll do a more comprehensive post soon. Until then, here are some blue skies, mountains, hot air balloons and lakes for your desktop – Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. graffig100 says:


  2. Butters Chang says:

    The Baloon wallpaper is amazing, that I always misclick the baloon as a desktop icon, LOL

  3. Wow! Thank you!

  4. Maxim Goy says:

    Great shots, thank you!

  5. Pawel Krefta says:

    Thank you for awesome wallpapers 🙂

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