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It’s the same thing every year. Around this time I take a look at the blog and go – “Why have I not written any posts lately!?” – And the answer is just about the same as always.

I. Have. Been. Insanely. Busy. With. Life.

As is getting customary on this plain little writing-field of mine,  I tend to do a follow up of the last month or so. So, in no particular order of interest, here are some of the things that I deem “just above the boredom threshold”.
Make sure to click through the galleries. This is my life through my lenses and cameras. A peak into my world the last couple of months.

GFX50s – GF63mm f/2.8


Whaddayouknow! – I got my own! – Not a loaner, not a prototype. No, my own GFX50s with a 63mm f/2.8.
When I did my reviews there were so many emails that really got down low stating that “you only have the GFX ’cause you get to play with it for free” – That was absolutely correct. I had no plans of falling for that camera! It’s big, chunky, somewhat ugly, and it delivers just about the most insanely gorgeous files that I have ever seen come from a camera.
So I did fall for it. And there you have it. I have not regretted one single part of buying it. It’s amazing.

GFX50s – GF63mm f/2.8

Sharp images? Sure. High-res images? Sure. – But get this: THEY LOOK AWESOME!
Iøm having a wonderful time experimenting with especially my old vintage glass. The Minolta Rokkors do exceptionally well with this sensor.
Are they sharp lenses? Sure. Can they resolve the High-res? Sure – But get this: THEY MAKE THE IMAGES LOOK AWESOME!

GFX50s – Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH

For me the GFX is about something else than just the technical superiority. Obviously it’s what got me interested in the first place. But now that I have it, I just want to use it to explore new grounds. What can I do with it. What can’t I do with. One thing is for damn certain, it’s big, it’s chunky and it’s amazing!


I wrote a very non-technical review together with some amazing photographers over at KAGE Collective which leads me right into the next thing that has happened.



The KAGE Collective. If you’re danish like me, you’ll recognize the word and associate it with something sweet and edible, in english referred to as cake! – The KAGE collective has nothing to do with cake – ( not yet anyways) –  but the naming derives from the Japanese word for shadow.
I have been following these guys for so long now. They are in my mind some of the most talented group of photographers together in one collective. All focussed on doing visual storytelling.

And guys what! – I’m now one of them!!

This is so huge for me on so many levels. I don’t really know why they want me there, but they do! To be able to get creative with such a talented group of people on a daily basis is a learning experience reserved for the lucky few.
If you like visual storytelling and aesthetic documentary photography and don’t know of the collective, I advise you to go check it out.

The KAGE Collective


Fuji Love 99

I took a trip to Luzern in switzerland in the beginning of may. Even though I had a wonderful time with Tomasz and Damien, it was not an all pleasure trip. We worked really hard to deliver a cool video course that is now for sale. It’s equal parts Fujifilm specific stuff, equal parts Photography theory. I think there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in that package.

It’s a video course by Mr. Damien Lovegrove, Mr. Tomasz Trzebiatowski and yours truly. 3 X-Photographers with a VERY different approach to photography. Diversity ensured!

I’m not too good at selling something like this, but rest assured that this is some serious value for money!! You can go to the order site by clicking the video.



Oh, boy do I love them! I went to a couple big ones this past month. In may it was a Rammstein concert inside an old prison in a city called Horsens. They also had a tattoo festival and a motocycle gathering.
I brought my X100F. It works so brilliantly for these kind of events. Small, discreet, and with some badass image quality to top it off.



I also attended the only real festival we have in Århus, Denmark. The Northside Festival. Again I used the X100F to document the fun and quirky moments of festival life.



We’ve celebrated Emils 3rd birthday, we’ve celebrated my 37th birthday. We’ve taken family trip to my father-in-law, and we’ve been having friends and family over. We’ve been enjoying life.
This is my sanctuary. I am so blessed and so fortunate. They are my all.


X-Pro2 – XF10-24mm f/4

Have a great summer.


  1. ouah as usual, fun to read and great pleasure for the eyes. the GFX looks more and more appealing but so is the Xpro 2…hum !!!

    1. Thank you Marc!

      Yeah it can be tricky with all the spoiled choices of todays camera world 🙂 Hope you choose the right one!


  2. Hi Jonas. I have a couple of question for you regarding the X100F. Which metering mode do you use? Do you change depending on the motive? Which do you think is best for concert photos like the ones of Rammstein above, images with a lot of contrast?

  3. Fantastic photo Jonas! I’ve followed your blog for the last couple of months and find it very interesting and inspiring, so much so I went out and purchased the X-T2. I know you love your vintage lenses and I was curious as to which one you had used for the photo of the gentleman with the trilby hat and sunglasses? and how you achieved an aperture of f/1?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi I have just found you site and I’m blown away by the quality of your work. I can’t wait till I can look over the whole site.



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