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I think I’ve finally made it! And why do I think this? Well. The inevitable happened.
I now have some people following my every move on miscellaneous social media, and responding with lots of nice hateful messages about my images and my personality.

To these people I say, thank you!

Thank you for involving yourself to an extent that actually involves feelings. May they be positive or negative. Thank you for reminding me that the world consists of many different types of personalities. May they be positive or negative.

Thank you for expressing your opinions. But come on – spend your time with a positive focus instead of a negative one. It will lift your spirits quite considerably ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a great weekend, all!

GFX50s – Minolta Rokkor 35mm f/1.8



  1. Love it you are now a celeb with hateful fans and idiots, as i said many times no envy from here, but those hateful people should stick there hand up in there AS* and shut the FU** up!
    You are doing more than great so keep it coming!

  2. Somehow I have the feeling that Fuji releases the medium format from the studios and put it into the streets. This is awesome!

  3. I agree with you people should spend more energy into positiveness but they are just humains ! you worked for what you have and reached so they should have done the same…Jealousy !!

    This GFX is more and more appealing

    1. If she doesn’t, Ryan Adams did… and she may have sung that one as she loves to sing his songs as well. She makes them hits and then folks ask, who is that Ryan Adams.
      Huh, I wonder if Jonas actually took these lovely images? Is his daughter real or an imagined Photoshop fairy? Beautiful stuff as usual. And peace to all, left center and right.

  4. Jonas,

    Give me names and I will pen an appropriate and a very short, two-step response to all the haters. Here is a preview:

    1. F**K YOU PEOPLE,

    Trust me, when they may find some explicits to fire back, they WON’T show any imagery. They are angry because they have no clue how to see and create great visuals.

    I wish sometimes we could use ONLY images to argue instead of words.
    Keep doing what you are doing! Really enjoy your photography.



    P.S. If some haters find this note inappropriate or offensive, they are RIGHT. This was an exact intent of the author!

  5. nice images…my favorites are: the girl frozen, forever, in “jump” and the “green” field with the blurred building in the background. Is this a wheat field?

      1. Oh yes…by the way…as an aside…it is my thoughts that it is more effective to simply reflect the famous three monkeys and gently ease the insult when experiencing a “troll” otherwise the initial injury their actions create festers and spreads. As it seemingly is occurring in today’s world…does this correspond within the medical world?

  6. Hateful? Really? To you? I don’t understand that at all. You post beautiful images, you’re a doctor helping humanity, and you use great equipment. What’s there to hate? My comment to them is “Get a life”. There’s no room for hate in art.
    Your posts are actually very calming for me for some reason. It’s your tone and down to earth writing style along with your very intimate, beautiful images that makes your posts such a pleasure to read.
    I am not shocked (because there’s always a few ignorant people out there) but I’m disappointed that anyone would would connect you or your work / photography with “hate”.
    I just looked at this post again before closing and another thing that is pleasing about your site is the design. Simple, open, lots of white space to frame the images and a very nice type face. It doesn’t scream. It’s just right.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  7. Hi Jonas,

    Since there are people posting hateful things I thought I should do my part and post some positives.

    Love your work and passion for photography. Enjoy your site and keeping up with what you are up to.


  8. Hi Jonas,

    I don’t tend to comment often, however I feel the necessity to do so now.

    Thank you for sharing your creative process, expertise and passion for image making. I find your posts helpful, inspirational and informative. I appreciate the time and effort needed to keep up an undertaking such as yours here.

    I admire and appreciate your photographic artworks and posts and for your willingness to share them.

    Thank you :)))

  9. Hello Jonas. I’ve read somewhere on your blog you’d write a post about your switch to capture one pro 10 from Lightroom. I’m patiently waiting for that read as I love your work with fuji cameras and considering the change too.

    Keep up the good work !


  10. They probably just hate you for the same reason I do. Every time you post a photo, my self-satisfaction vanishes and I realize I’ve farther to go. Keep doing that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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