That damn gear!

Here I go again. Talking about gear! – well actually I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve done some changes to the way I use Instagram. Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve gained quite an Instagram following. Why, is beyond me, but I have.

I often think that my Instagram account is “all over the place” in terms of content. And recently I’ve been wanting to streamline it a little bit. If any of you follow me over there, you’ll no doubt have noticed that I’ve gone back to heavy contrast black and white street photography uploads. This of course coincides with the fact that I am in a “street-shooting” period right now, so obviously that will be reflected in my IG account.


But what I really found quite annoying was how my shots of gear seemed to disrupt the flow of my IG page. So I took the decision to separate those shots from my main IG account going forward.

But I still LOVE doing my gearshots, and whenever I’m feeling down and uninspired, picking up one of my old cameras and doing some good ol’ gearporn shots can actually lift my spirits. And Fujifilm will probably keep asking me for shots of new gear for time to come. So instead of me stopping them all together I decided to set up  an alternate IG account and just use that as my “Gear Geekout Heaven”

That way I get to separate my art/photography and visual identity from my gear obsession.

So if any of you are interested in the gear shots, and not so much in the other stuff (or maybe just interested in both) you can follow the new account over at:

I hope to have a platform where I can really geek out with all of you over some nice looking photographic equipment. I promise I’ll try and keep it sober!