Wide Wednesday

I had an hour to kill this afternoon.

I brought my Hasselblad XPan equipped with the 45mm f/4 loaded it with a roll of Fujifilm Superia 400.

What I found so utterly fascination with this camera and more important, its format, is how well you can tell stories, just by framing.

I might never go back.

And btw I have a backlog of 4 trips to major cities in Europe back in 2017. But I’ll blog about them all in due time.

Happy new year to all of you who are still reading this mess of a website.

XPan + 45mm f/4 – Fujifilm Superia 400 – Scanned using Silverfast on Canoscan

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  1. Jonas, as always, your photography is beautiful and inspirational indeed! Thanks again, sir, and best wishes for a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

  2. Absolutely fantastic stuff Jonas. The format is super cool when wielded by a skilled eye such as yours

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I’ve also been completely smitten by this format. The storytelling is almost implicitely embedded into each frame

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring images and interesting blogs. On reading your reviews I purchased a few of the Minolta Rokkor lenses and am thrilled with the resulting images. Thank you. The 58mm f1.2 is a bomb in weight but worth this weight in gold…fantastic lens.

    1. Thank you so much for reading the blog Jenn! – The 58mm f/1.2 is such a nice little gem,. Expensive, but NICE!
      Have a great day.

  4. Stunning work, as always, Jonas.

    Lately I’ve taken to cropping my images at 2:1 which turns out to be a ratio I really like… but 65:24 is a whole new beast! You’re absolutely right about the storytelling; it’s a very cinematic ratio.

    It’s time to start making horizontal panos on my X100F…

    God nyt år!

  5. Hi Jonas,
    Thanks for sharing!

    Could you consider a blog post explaining your workflow with film?
    Some topics that I would find interesting:
    – Do you send your film to a lab for developing? (It hasn’t been easy for me to find one in Copenhagen, especially for b&w film.)
    – Or do you do it yourself? Is it complicated?
    – How do you scan it? Any tips on choosing a scanner?

    Thank you again and great work!

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  7. I have been following your work since I first started researching Fuji X cameras 2 years ago. Your photos and insight are always on point. Getting the X-T10 was one of the great purchases of my life. That being said, I think these panoramic XPan photos look amazing. Please continue to share.

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