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So. This is what 2022 looks like huh?
Restrictions are off here in Denmark. Life as we know can commence. Yay! Maybe… We’ll see. I quit the Fujifilm ambassador program. That was fucking hard to do! Too many brilliant friendships to mention them all.

But it was time. Or actually I lacked time. I needed 36 hours a day. Not gonna happen.

So I bought a Leica M10P.
We’ll see how that goes.
Is it better than the Fujis?
Nope. Just different.

But I’m still the same. I still shoot the same. It’s not really the camera, now is it? 😉 And what do you know. A new blogpost too. This shit is getting out of hand. We’ll see where it goes. But it’s nice to “see” you all again, that’s for sure.

All images shot on Leica M10P and various Leica lenses. But honestly. Can you even tell the difference? And does it even matter?


  1. Kære Jonas

    Thank you so much for your Fujifilm reviews – they were always a great source to me. I wish you all the best


      1. Looking forward to whatever you will post.
        I always loved your disclaimer, basically saying “I’m a fanboy” 😀

  2. Hey Jonas! Nice to see this new “space” for you. TBH, I wasn’t surprised to hear you quit the Fuji Ambassador program. I had hopes of joining that for a long time but after a while, I realized…it simply didn’t matter. We have so many terrific cameras and lenses available to us now, I realize…its not about the “gear”, it’s about how you see, how you compose, how you use…light. Jay Maisel was right all those years ago…it’s about Light, Color and Gesture. Stay in touch, buddy! -Stephen, your friendly neighborhood molecular biologist.

    1. You’re so absolutely right my friend. So right! – And don’t you worry. This doc ain’t going anywhere. He just reorganised some priorities a bit – That’s what grownups do….or so I’ve heard 😛

  3. Great to see you enjoy in the photography, cameras are tools but in tools you’ll find the deferents. I like my Fuji tools but Leica giving something about experience and way to shoot, not better photos, better photographer;)

    1. I love the feeling that I get from my Leica M7, my Hasselblad 500C, My Fujifilm T-X1, My X-Pro3 my X100v and my Leica M10p – They all give me something different to work with. Something to explore and conquer. That’s the fun of it all for me.

  4. What matters if you think of a camera: it’s all about that it inspires you and you want to touch it and take photos with it. That’s the most important thing. In my case it’s Fuji and Leica. For other people it’s canon, Nikon etc.

    Light is the most important thing to understand. So hopefully you have a little bit more time now

  5. Best wishes moving forward …… hopefully as the world gets back to some order and we can travel again ….. I love your older Fuji lens reviews …. No bias just your thoughts and experience … will follow your blog ….

  6. Jonas,
    I shoot with Leica too now. It doesn’t matter as long as what you pick up inspires you! I loved reading your articles on Fuji equipment and releases–they helped me so much. I felt like Fujifilm was a gateway drug for me to indulge in the world of Leica. I’m still going to love the blog regardless of the system you use because you are a great photographer and I love your style.

    former Fujigirl

  7. Thank you Jonas for the incredible images you captured with the Fujifilm cameras. They inspired me to get into the X and GFX systems and I’ve been enthralled with them ever since. I’m also a Leica owner (just got the M11 after 4.5 years with the M10) and enjoy shooting with both systems. The only downside with the M10 system is the highlight recovery is limited compared to the Fujifilm cameras. The M11 however solves that.

  8. Hi Jonas,
    thanks also from my end for all your articles on Fujifilm which helped me develop my photography quite a bit. It’s great to see that you took a decision which is good for you.
    Out of curiosity: Do you keep all your Fujifilm gear? For certain specific events or some type of photography? Or are you making a hard cut?

  9. So the question for us Fuji users is…

    What Fuji gear did you sell for the Leica, and what couldn’t you part with and why?

    1. Haha. Well I actually didn’t sell much of my Fujifilm gear. I still have my Xpro1 Xpro2 and XPro3 as well as my X100V. I still also have my GFX100S for product shooting.
      So I didn’t really part with much of it.

  10. Of course one can see which images was taken with a Leica. They program subliminal messages into their files 😉

    Enjoy life without restrictions….here in Germany we will wait until every single virion has been defeated…it is in our nature I guess

  11. The Leica images are obviously more magical; like fairies and unicorns. 😁

    I’m n the USA where the default state is “Restrictions? I don’t need restrictions. Cough, cough. Sneeze.” 🤧

  12. hi jonas. when it’s time to change something, it should be done. a good decision. but a pity for us. you have written the best reviews and your product photos are legendary. but also without a fujifilm ambassador. i love your photos as you say. it doesn’t depend on the camera. I wish you all the best. Matthias 😊

  13. Hi Jonas, after long, long break nice to see You again ! I’ll wait for your photos and articles. All the best for You and best reegards from Krakow, Poland.

  14. We will certainly miss your take on Fujifilm cameras. I hope whatever path you take, that you will occasionally give us a glimpse of what you are doing. I personally have enjoyed every one of your communications! Take care of your family and yourself!

  15. Hallo Herr Rask,
    zunächst meinen Dank für Ihre vielen inspirierenden Fotobeispiele mit den jeweiligen Kameras und Brennweiten.
    Mich würde interessieren, ob Sie auf diesem Blog weiterhin sichtbar bleiben oder wo ich Sie zukünftig sehen kann.
    Jedenfalls wünsche ich Ihnen Erfolg mit dem was sie tun.
    Alles Gute,
    P. Broich

  16. As always your images are exceptional. And you’re right, the change of camera system doesn’t make a difference to the end-result. I guess its more to do with the tactile sense, the feel of the camera in your hands and the very subjective experience associated with taking the image.

  17. Whether I can tell the difference between cameras is irrelevant. I enjoyed all the photos, especially the bottom left. Mysterious and vibrant!

  18. No matter the camera, your quality of photos remain the same. I’ll definitely miss your hand-ons review of fujifilm lens and cameras, but will still be coming back for your photos regardless of brand.

  19. Hi Jonas, I am admiring each image and really appreciating your take on the world. Avid Fuji shooter so I’m regretting coming late to your site but will enjoy looking through your reviews. Thanks.

  20. Thank you for sharing your new direction. I benefited significantly from your tenure as an X-Ambassador, but I was inspired in how your put it to use. I’ll continue to follow your craft, because there’s clearly more than inspiration in it, there’s also joy.

  21. Hi Jonas. I am a bit behind on my reading but quite frankly I enjoy your writings and musings on all cameras and lenses. However, you did inspire me to vintage my Xpro2, only to find that I enjoyed the manual approach so much that I bought a Leica M10P as well. Oh and a 50 Noctilux and a 50 Apo Summicron. However I found manual focussing a tad difficult with my wife’s foot on my neck when she found out how much they cost…you get the picture. We all love our gear especially if it inspires creativity. I think the Pandemic made us all assess our priorities in life. For most of us this was long overdue. Warmest regards from Dubai. Steve.

  22. I’ve got to say, I’m not an everyday blog/social media checker; though that is how I was initially “introduced” to your work. I’ve been shooting for half my life at this point, and am well informed and experienced enough to make my own decisions about gear. That said, the work you presented as a Fujifilm ambassador certainly informed my decision to include Fuji gear into the creation of my own images. I think the people who read your posts and are inspired by your images are well aware that it does not matter what is in the hands of the photographer, but rather the photographer himself/herself that creates the image. I thank you for your willingness to share your thoughts, and look forward to the continued inspiration.

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