So this is how time flies

I can’t believe that it’s been more than 18 months since I wrote a post on this blog. 18 months! I never really intended for that to happen. But looking back at it now, I can definitely see that every fiber of my body needed a break from it. Just like I needed to step down from being a Fujifilm ambassador. I think it’s two sides to the same coin.
I was worn out.
10 years of constant blogging, catering to social media feeds, attending gatherings with people I didn’t know, having to put on a smile even on the bad days.…

X100V – Lucca, Italy

I didn’t really have anything more to give. And I didn’t even see it coming until it hit me head on. As if I had been in the middle of a roaring thunderstorm that suddenly passed and all that was left was silence, and some damages that needed repairs.

This past year and a half has been all about letting go. Letting go of the feeling of having to deliver on someone elses promises. On having to cater to someone elses ego. Letting go of all that which did not bring me joy and good feelings.

XT5 – XF8mm – Kirkjufell, Iceland

I have been selling the majority of my camera gear, only keeping what I absolutely need, as well as the gear that is special to me. It has been a liberating process for sure. I have also made a switch to shooting much more film stuff than I did before. It immediately slowed down my grotesque fad of having to upload a new fresh image to instagram once a day, as well as putting stuff in the right brand Facebook groups. (Yeah I was that far down the goddamn rabbit hole!)

I tried my best at a 365 project earlier this year with the Leica Q2, but I “failed” a days upload, and just said fuck it and sold it. It wasn’t all that special anyways.

Then I went to Iceland with David Imel, Casey Cavanaugh and Casper Dam. A trip based around the concept of shooting our XPans /TX1s – That has so far been the highlight of my year. It was an absolutely amazing trip filled with so much happiness and laughter that I still smile just thinking about it. It was all that I want my photography to be. Fun, different, challenging…and real!

During summertime this year my WordPress subscription was bound for renewal. I actually let it end. I really had a feeling it would be the end of it. Because I still didn’t feel like posting at all.

So the site went private while WordPress waited for me to pay the renewal fee. And thats how it stayed until earlier today when I brought it back online.

You people have constantly been asking me through mails, DM’s etc if the site was gone forever, and I have not answered you because I simply didn’t know.
But today I suddenly found myself with the urge to write a little again. Attach some images to text, and see where it goes.

Not an edited image btw. Leica M10p – Voigtländer 50/1.2

I can’t promise you a full fledged review site of every new camera that hits the market, the past 18 months has taught me that that is definitely not who I am anymore. But who knows what the next 18 months will bring, right? (I will definitely have to write a dedicated post on that Iceland experience.)

The important thing is that I’m happy writing on the blog again. A feeling that I thought was gone forever. And hey, maybe blogging is making a comeback? Who knows.

Thanks for sticking around through the hiatus. I appreciate you more than you know.



  1. Kære Jonas

    Thank you so much for bringing the old Fujifilm posts online again! I often look them up for my own information and share them with people who are asking about Fujifilm gear.

    I’m also glad that we’ll (maybe) get to hear from you again, no matter what you’re up to.

    Kærlige hilsner

  2. God aften Jonas

    Det var en mega dejlig post at hoppe i kassen på🙏🏻😊.
    Mega spændende tanker du altid gør dig, og har altid set dig som noget helt særligt Jonas.
    Jeg har mega respekt for dig, din knowhow, og ikke mindst din altid vanvittigt dedikerede tilgang til alt, hvad du laver.

    Jeg håber du fortsat passer på dig selv, og husker på kun at gøre det der gør dig glad, og ikke gør noget fordi andre synes det kunne være fedt.

    Jeg har selv valgt at smide låget på alt, hvad jeg ikke føler der er passion i.
    Det har gjort mig glad at jeg ikke skal jagte opgaver her, og der, og alle vegne – fuck det…

    Nu går jeg selv i gang med den analog verden, og glæder mig helt vildt til at se, hvad det bringer mig, og her vil jeg gerne takke dig enormt meget for din biståelse.

    Jonas du er en kæmpe motivation.

    Rigtig god aften

    De bedste hilsner


  3. Wow! Is it really 18 months since you last made a blog post? I hadn’t noticed, I have been busy with life and so many different challenges but your post is a reminder Jonas, that this blog was always the place to go for honest and down-to-earth reviews of all things new in the “Fujifilm world”. It was also a place to see those kids of yours growing steadily older.
    Life is short Jonas, do what you believe is right and enjoy life to the full, but always remember that your passionate contributions have always been very warmly received.

  4. Congratulations on your newfound clarity! I am glad to hear that you have decided to post only if and when you have something you want to say. As a reader and appreciator of your past posts, I am happy to have access to them again.

    And if in the future you have more you want to say, your audience will be here.

  5. Good to “read you” again Jonas, especially with such a honest post. Letting go – of anything, really – is always the toughest thing to do but it’s often the most crucial thing we CAN do, to find some sort of happiness in this transient journey of ours.
    Looking forward to see those Iceland film photos, take care!

  6. Welcome back Jonas!
    Nice to read you again, we missed you… and of course your photos! We can understand your exhaustion and your need to get back to basics. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and why not some reviews!

  7. So good to hear from you again Jonas. I know I was one of those saddened by losing your wonderful articles as resources. And too, missing your voice and wonderful images. It sounds like you have found a happy balance and I hope you continue to do so. I look forward to more wonderful work by you, both words and images. Take good care!

  8. Thanks so much for the post Jonas. I don’t know you, but you expressed my feelings on some of the things I do in my life like if you know what I’m going through. Strangely I might be going to Iceland next year.

    I’m glad you took a break for yourself. Take it easy and do things that give you joy. Maybe traveling and blogging in that is it. I’m going through a similar process as well.

    Keep taking care of yourself.

    We appreciate you!


  9. Dear Jonas
    Thank you very much for your honest words – together with amazing pictures!
    I would love to read more from you – but listen to your voice …. and real friends and just do what you love! ❣️

  10. Hi Jonas, it’s so good to see you writing again. Even in a world filled with so much content, your words and images always stood above it all. The world needs Jonas Rask for inspiration. After the pandemic, I too was considering shutting down but the sadness I felt when went dark convinced me to keep moving forward, but with content that I wanted to post, when I wanted to post, rather than what Google Search Console wanted me to post. I’m much happier now and having more fun with my readers than ever before. Please keep posting your thoughtful words and stunning images which have inspired a whole generation of photographers.

  11. I really enjoy your pictures. The digital as well as the analog ones. And I enjoy your blog post. Been reading here about several lenses and cameras over the years. Your posts, among other reviews, helped me decide which ones to go for. But in the end Fuji gear never dissapoints.

    So, thank you.

    It’s nice to see some movement here, but please don’t feel like you owe us something!
    Keep it real (:

  12. Thanks a lot for your blog. You’re my best inspiration and motivation to avoid GAS which seems to be big issue nowaydays in a photography world.

  13. What a nice surprise. I’m glad this site is back. Such a great content: beautiful photos and text. This is one of the reason why I’ve got my X-T2 back in 2017. Today I’m a happy owner of several Fuji cameras. Thank you Jonas. It’s nice to see you back.

  14. I’m really glad you re-found happiness in writing this blog post – and am overjoyed the whole site is up and running again. I found myself checking your site 2 times a month for the past year or so, knowing it might never be up again. So it is a fantastic surprise to find it back again.

    I do love every new blog that comes out, but also find your site a superb archive of Fuji X lenses. When I consider buying a lens, your site was alway my primary source. And I am very happy it is again now!

  15. Welcome back Jonas. So many cameras …. XT4 is used much less but I love and live with the X100V …. Cant see me ever selling it …. As I hit three score and ten …it may see me out!

  16. Take it easy mate. We deeply love your art, but we can live without it if this means you’re a happier person. ❤️

  17. As you of the people that sent you a DM about your site going dark, I am glad you are back.

    I am not one of the Fuji faithful (yet), but your work has been a temptation and an inspiration. Though, the big reason I keep coming back is your ability to write. So please continue to write what ever interests you, for as long as you enjoy it.


  18. Hi Jonas! So glad to hear from you again. I messaged you at some point on Insta about how much we missed your posts. I am greatful for the return of the blog, but also equally happy you’ve taken the time to get clarity on what you wanted out of this rather than what everyone else was expecting of you. I look forward to more of your writing and photography regardless of how frequent or infrequent you post. Even looking back at your old posts continues to inspire me to go out and shoot.

  19. Your site/art/perspective is one of a few photographers I check frequently, reread, and appreciate greatly. You inspire a lot of people, myself included, and your presence in whatever capacity is very much valued. Thank you for sharing all you have, and being a huge encouragement in photography for me.

  20. Bonjour Jonas,
    Je suis ravie de vous lire à nouveau et d’avoir retrouvé l’accès à votre blog 👍
    Mais le bonheur reste ce qu’il y a de plus important et il ne faut pas le perdre de vue.
    Ce sera toujours un plaisir de vous lire si c’est un plaisir pour vous d’écrire.
    Bonne continuation avec cette sérénité retrouvée.

  21. It’s nice to see you back. I think of your posts as visiting with a friend over a coffee; worth a visit no matter what is on your mind. Of course, photo topics of any kind are especially interesting.

  22. Good to hear that you are well. Get it on in a balanced way for your joy and our enrichment. And thank you for keeping the site alive for the cahnce of rereading some of the content.

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