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  1. Very nice images, Jonas! I get the same quality with my X-Pro2 plus XF60 Macro. Actually, I find that the stellar XF90 f/2 makes an even better (sharper!) product photography lens, so long as it is not “macro”. For true macro photography (and product photography as well), I am looking forward to seeing reviews of the new XF80 f/2.8 Macro lens! I’m particularly interested to see if it’s even sharper than the superb XF90! Thank you sir, and Happy Holidays to you! Regards, Steve

  2. Hi Jonas!

    Random question… I’ve been reading your articles about vintage glass (inspired me to purchase a Canon 50mm 1.4 LTM – amazing lens!!) and I was thinking about moving from X-T1 to X-Pro2.

    How is the OVF w/ ERF popup for manual focus lenses on the X-Pro2? I’ve shot on Leica film cameras and they automatically adjust for parallax – but the X-Pro2 obviously cannot do that with manual focus lenses. Have you found this to be a problem / is it easy to compensate?

    Thank you for producing all this content!

  3. This is crazy timing. I was looking at photos from this camera earlier today thinking… maybe I need one of these and them BAM! I get on your site and you have one. Cant wait to see some shots from you. I dont need much convincing, but I think you will have no trouble pushing me over the line on this!

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